The Neighbourhood and little tips


Please close inner and outer elevator doors tightly until light gets off!

Do not open front door through intercom unless you know the person.



The closest and best is PEWEX in Via Grottaperfetta, in front of newsstand. Open on Sundays.

The largest is Panorama at Granai shopping centre, about 3 km down Via Grottaperfetta, direction Pewex south. Follow signs. Besides the huge supermarket there are about 50 different shops, from clothing to electronics. Convenient prices. Open Sundays until October.

Grocery stores

The excellent butcher “Carni” in Via Leonori. Fresh bakery down the corner of Leonori and Via Poggio Ameno.

The market

             Every morning the municipal open market on Via Pico della Mirandola (prosecution of Via

             Ambrosini) is lively, well furnished and convenient. Closes at 13h30 and Sundays.


Restaurants and Pizzerie

To take away, open also on Sundays and until late, go to the excellent  “Mamma che pizza” on Via Poggio Ameno 36. Try the Roman “supplì”

 For a full meal a fairly good one is Vittorio in Via Musco. Family owned. Typical roman

             Cuisine. Around 30/35€ per person. Good wine list. Closed Saturday night and Sundays.

             The best Pizzeria is « La Rosa Rossa » Via dei Georgofili 79, down Via Carpaccio behind

             Piazzale Caravaggio. Always crowded and a bit noisy but quick service and good pizza. A

 new  cheap Chinese-Italian mixture next door in Via Salvatore di  Giacomo, 87.  I do not recommend “La Montagnola” in Via Benedetto Croce, expensive and pretentious. Further down at number 61/69, however “Chattanooga”, a Mexican style place with lot of giant TV screens for football fans. For fish “Il Campidano” on Via Fontebuono. Further away “L’insalata ricca” in Via F.Acri. Many more around.


Stamps - Letter box – Lotto – Bus tickets

             Letter box at tobacconist in Piazza Accademia Antiquaria, round the corner. Bus tickets at newsstand at the                   corner with Via Grottaperfetta. For stamps and telephone cards the tobacconist in Via Poggio Ameno. 


            You can call taxis stationed at nearby Piazzale Caravaggio until ca. 21h00 calling 065943396 – Say:

             “Via Accademia Ambrosiana – angolo Via Carpaccio”. About 2 minutes

              Second choice: radio taxi at: 063570 or 064994 – For quick and convenient transfer to airport you can use the               services of Luigi for € 40,00, call in advance at 0039 3396689917. For a daily bus service to Pompei call Vastours at +39064814309

            Waste disposal

            Please use white trash bin for paper, blue for metal, plastic and glass and green for everything else.

            The latter is in front of the entrance door. The other two are on the same side up hill.

            Telephone and Internet

            You can make only local calls starting with 06.  Few and short local calls free.

            You can  buy cheap  international calling cards or go to a “call centre” . No Internet use, unless                                           specific agreement. A convenient Internet access point is in Via Giustiniano Imperatore,29 right from the                        Basilica  San Paolo Metro station. Open from 8h00 to 22h15 at € 3 per hour. They is closer and cheaper one at              500 meter  in Via Fonte Buono, 15 for Euro 1,50 an hour.

            Light switches (for apartment 13 6th floor)

             If light gets off check the switches at the electrical panel behind the front door. At private apartment 5th floor in               the deposit room in the corridor. Hair-dryer and iron press at apt.13 in the drawer living room.

             Satellite TV

            Switch on TV set and decoder. Press “AV” on TV remote control and than use only decoder remote control. At               penthouse you can also view VHS cassettes. There is a collection of old movies in the drawer.

            Air conditioning – Heating - Gas

In summer keep the shutter closed at daytime to keep cooler. In winter at  last floor apartment 13 you have, from time to time, to let air out from radiator valves using a half bottle mineral water to collect the water. There is an extra electric heather in case of emergency.

Do not touch the gas heater on the terrace.  For both apartments: close gas in the kitchen after usage with yellow button as well.

Please do not keep air conditioners  or electric heather on when not inside the apartment.

            Self-service Launderette

            “Acquasciuga” in Largo Virgilio Brocchi, 5 around 250 meter down from Pewex supermarket.                                            Phone:    0651958630


Emergency numbers

Fire 115 – Ambulance  118 – Medical assistance 0658201030 – Police 113



 October 2007