Goffredo’s Neighbourhood


In 2004 the nearby fruit and vegetable market „Mercati Generali“ (Halles) was permanently closed and the entire area is starting to blossom as the centre of an animated cultural and social life, specially at night. Lots of clubs, restaurants, pizzerie and cultural centres are opening. And if you want more, neighbouring Testaccio and Trastevere gives you an even wider choice; all at walking distance.


The closest is GS .From exit door, left to the street light and crossing into Via Matteucci n.42 .Open until 20h00, until 2 p.m. on Sundays. At the Ostiense Station in Piazza dei Partigiani DI Meglio is open until 23h00 even on Sundays.

Delicatessen and Pastry shops

On your left side going to Via Marmorata at N. 47 you find the famous gourmet grocery in town called Volpetti.

Certainly the most expensive in town but the unsurpassed quality. They have also a good and cheaper fast food around the corner.

A more modest Rosticceria and Tavola calda (take away and self-service) is close by at Piazza Porta San Paolo (Piramide) called Di Pietro :

In front of us, on the opposite side, there is a Cornetteria where you can have brioches all night.

The most famous pastry shop is just next door at N. 54 called Andreotti.

Try “cassata siciliana” a calorie bomb but unforgettable.


The market

Municipal Testaccio open market at15 minutes walk or Bus 23 fourth stop direction    Piramide.

             Lively, well furnished and convenient. Closes around 13h30 and Sundays.


Restaurants, Pizzerie, Cocktail bars

My favourite place is just behind our building, called L’insalata ricca cheap, trendy and quick service. At Testaccio a brand new Trattoria called “Ne arte ne parte” in Via Luco della Robbia, 15 is very pleasant, cheap and tasty. Price around Euro 20 for our guests.

A typical Neapolitan pizza is at A DDO MASTO in Via Giacomo Bove, the parallel street of the building... You can choose between Pizza “alta” and “bassa” (thick or thin). Good, cheap but loud and full.

Lots of new cocktail bars; try  wine bar “Doppio Zero” in Via Ostiense, 58 or “Fuso  orario (also snacks) in Via del Porto Fluviale, 5 open until late at night.


Internet Point and call centres


They are growing like mushrooms. A new one in Via del Porto Fluviale,5 and one almost in front in Via Ostiense 59.




            Piazza dei Partigiani (Ostiense railway station) there is a public garage for Euro 9.3 per day.




Piazza di Porta San Paolo (Piramide). You can also call them at 065743636. Radio taxi at 063570.


Waste disposal


Please use white trash bin for paper, blue for metal, plastic and glass and green for everything else.




In Via del Commercio is ALPHEUS, a large one open almost every night. Friday is gay night.

In via di Monte Testaccio a small but trendy one is Radio Londra.  Many more


           Public Transport


Impossible to list them all, just a few: Bus 23 to Vatican Basilica and Museums, Bus 716 for Piazza Venezia,

In front of Piramide metro station (Linea B) is bus 95 to Fontana di Trevi, Bus 60 to Termini 

           Also the train station to Ostia Antica and Ostia beach. Buy a bus map. If you stay a week buy a convenient weekly bus & metro card "tessera settimanale" for Euro 16,00. Write name and birthdate behind and validate only at the first ride.









February 2005